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“Transformation Road” takes the reader on the long and often tragic journey of Sean Anderson’s battle with food and morbid obesity spanning just about his entire life. His experience with declaring war with himself graphically depicts the tortured soul of most of us who face an addictive and pathological relationship with food. Having won many a battle but inevitably losing his war, Sean offers us some insight as to who the real enemy has been. “Transformation Road”

Note : Signed-Paperback by Sean. Sean will personally sign your copy before he sends it out.  (Price includes domestic shipping)

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14 reviews for Transformation Road – Signed Paperback

  1. L. Peterman

    Not your conventional weight loss book, which is great!
    I love that this book isn’t another “everyone can do just what I did and lose 300lbs” book. If you’re looking for a prescriptive book, you may be disappointed. While Sean does provide some guidance on what made him successful, he’s also very clear that each journey is different.

    There were definitely sections that hit home hard and Sean does a nice job of baring his emotions, which takes a LOT of courage.

    I’m glad I read it and I think others will too. Its a light, quick read but very much worth the time and emotional energy.

  2. IowaBrenda

    Sean Gets It.

    I have been reading Sean’s blog for quite awhile, and bought the Kindle version of his book. I have weight issues too, and Sean is an inspiration to me. He doesn’t have any magic bullet for fast/easy weight loss and the book isn’t full of medical or scientific double-talk that you can’t understand—he offers practical advice that anyone can follow. He also offers optimism and hope. (I hate “diet” books written by authors that have a negative attitude toward fat people.) As a recovering food addict himself, Sean “gets” it—it’s not what you’re eating so much as it’s what eating you.

  3. Kitty

    Can’t wait for his next book!

    Great book and the author is a wonderful, kind and caring person!!! He is the real deal.

  4. Charlie Houghnagle

    Finally No Gimicks

    I have been following Sean Andersons Blog for a little over a yr and have been on my own journey the past few years . Sean is the man who found a path to good health and is sharing with the world. I think this book will doo well . I commend Amazon for selling it. My journey started at 320lbs and now after 20 months I am at 205 . My goal is 180 but I could live at 205. I have not seen 205 in over 20 yrs. Thank you Sean.

  5. Lyn Millichap


    What I loved about this book, is that it is a very real telling of one man’s weightloss journey. I agree with the previous poster that this is not just about weightloss, you could plug in any addiction, food, drugs, gambling,alcohol, shopping and the journey would be pretty much the same. In an age where we all look for that magic pill, new diet, latest exercise craze to get us where we what to be, Sean reminds us that the only way to deal with our demons, is to face ourselves. He does it with a brutal honesty which is refreshing as it does not always show him in a favorable light. In a day and age of entitlement and what is owed to us or blaming others for what happens to us, he takes responsibility and accountability for his plight….refreshing! You get the feeling when you read this, that there is total transparency…he admits to things that I would not even tell my best friend, but it is to a benefit to the reader. If you are looking to make lasting changes in your life, that stay with you for life and not a quick fix, I highly recommend this book. It’s like a friend sharing his journey to help you through your journey. I would also recommend going through his blog from day 1 as this gives his day to day account and how he handled the stress and daily hurdles.

  6. Shirley J


    I’ve never read a book in 24 hours but I could not put this book down. It brought out emotions in me that I really wasn’t expecting. The author is incrediably transparent and I can honestly say that I’ve never read a book that affected me more than this one did. It offers a very real opportunity for change instead of simply another diet to try. In fact, it has nothing to do with dieting. But the change that came took him from 505 pounds to his goal weight and I have no doubt will keep him there. I felt deeply hopeful for my own life after reading this book.

  7. Kathy Hickey


    I’m waiting for a Kindle copy to buy the book, but I’ve read every word of the blog Sean wrote daily throughout his journey, and I’m positive the book will be well-worth the money!! I hope it comes out on Kindle soon!!

  8. Rhonda Wills

    Transformation Road is full of raw honesty. A good read.

    I just finished reading Transformation Road and the raw honesty describing a of life being morbidly obese is heart-breaking. I am also listening to Sean’s podcast “Transformation Planet” and I highly recommend both. Finding a healthy way of living life that works for YOU is really the only way to have sustainable results. This book will help you find road.

  9. LJ

    Awesome Book!!!

    I started reading Sean’s blog I found online about a year and a half ago… I knew I was hooked, and then I had to see if he was on FB and I became a friend. His morning posts on FB always helped me set the “tone” for my day! Then, when his book came out. How joyous I was to get it! Beautiful cover and back cover. I feel like I know this guy even more so after reading this fantastic book! He doesn’t know me well, but I do know him! It’s impossible not to know this guy through this book. It’s personal, intimate, deeply thought provoking. The words just oozes through your heart, making you relate exactly to what he’s going through… making you laugh and cry! It’s just the “relating” to his obesity and to his weight loss journey that makes you feel like you’re reading your own “story” that you didn’t have the heart/the will to finish or even “start” – and what it could eventually be! I’ve lost 21 pounds in the last 3 months, and I will continue to lose the rest of the pounds I need to lose. He’s inspirational and easy to talk to on FB… add him as a friend, and get this book… it’ll cause you to rethink about how you’re going to lose weight “THIS TIME”! This isn’t a book on “how to” lose weight… it’s a book that INSPIRES you to want to lose weight! His thoughts in the book just sets a “tone” (an inner change within yourself) to your own weight loss journey. You have to get the book to understand what I’m saying here… once you buy and read it. You’ll understand! Just buy it! You won’t regret it! I’ve encouraged Sean to write a recipe book, and I hope he will do that soon! Thank you Sean for this great book! I’ll definitely be re-reading this again! This time with a highlighter in hand! :0)

  10. Amy Cox

    An AMAZING story for anyone looking for change!

    Sean Anderson provides a strong dose of hope in recounting his captivating journey to self-acceptance and health. His road to transformation was not easy, but few things in life are that are worth it. Sean reminds us that your biggest bully is often yourself and that you can change your “mix tape in your head” by becoming your own “captain”.
    This book demonstrates that the only thing that can make us feel good about ourselves is to realize our own self-worth, and to finally LOVE ourselves.
    I constantly see patients struggling to make the mental shift required to commit to change and make good choices for their health. Whether you are struggling with weight loss, addiction, and self-acceptance or whether you are just looking to be inspired to finally commit to change and making good choices – this is the book for you.

  11. C.S. Turner

    Totally Honest Telling of Losing Half His Body Weight

    I read Sean’s blog from day one to the present so I knew quite a bit about him. I was kind of expecting a rework of his blog but this book is not that. It is Sean’s honest telling of his life, his problems with food and his transformation to becoming a normal sized man. I loved the book and I appreciated how brutally honest he was in telling about his problems caused by being so overweight. I hope that this honesty was cathartic for him and I hope he continues to share his experiences. I recommend this book to anyone who has problems with food as I have.

  12. Liz P

    A must read for everyone! Took my breath away!

    I could not put the book down…Sean’s honesty and willingness to bare his soul created a context that I have not seen in many books before. I found myself relating to, laughing, crying with, and wanting to hear more from Sean. The way Sean wrote the book was very thought provoking, and I plan to read it several more times to take it all in. There are many diet books around, but this is a live-it book, and Sean spells out how to create a life from honesty and hard work. I applaud Sean for sharing the most intimate parts of his life, and for giving us all an opportunity to see what is possible! I have purchased several books for friends who are on their own journey with weightloss, and I will continue to use the tools I have learned from Sean. Looking forward to seeing what is next!Cheers Sean!

  13. Steve

    Best book I have read in years

    I have read many books on the topic of health, fitness, and weight loss. This book stands out from the others and conveys a powerful message. Sean shares his deeply personal story and takes the reader along his journey of a lifetime. I can relate to many of Sean’s experiences and feelings. As I experience obstacles in my own weight loss journey, I find strength in knowing that Sean went through similar obstacles and triumphed. This book is making a big impact in my life – I give it my highest recommendation.

  14. Anthony S King

    Very Interesting book about why to never,ever give up !

    Sean takes you on a emotional roller coaster ride of his life and struggles of being a over weight kid to being a husband and parent and ballooning to over 500 lbs. Trapped by food addiction that gripped his life tightly and made it a living hell he finally figured out who needed to be the boss and it was going to be him. Once he figured out what and who he was fighting it drastically changed his life. This is a very inspirational book to read even if your arent fighting food addiction about why to never, ever give up.

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