D.S.Valparaiso, IN
Finding Sean Anderson and his Transformation group is one of the best tools I use to support my own transformation journey! Sean’s attentive, nurturing leadership sets the tone of the group. I find acceptance, care, and concern even at times when I struggle to accept myself. This experience is much more than losing weight; it is about creating a life plan – one that is well-rounded, holistic that supports my physical changes. Sean is definitely not a drill sergeant barking out orders, but a gentle, kind soul who listens, encourages, supports, and yet, suggests challenging questions to allow me to dig deeper and develop the life plan that specifically works for me. And, because Sean does his own personal discovery work, he understands the good, the bad, and the ugly of losing weight and maintaining health and wellness and openly shares it, not as the expert, but as another traveler on this journey. The group is a small, intimate group of people on their own journeys and yet we come together virtually on a group page, and in weekly coaching calls to support and encourage one another and to have a place for celebration, idea sharing, and accountability. I am extremely grateful to have found a group which understands my challenges and accepts me where I am. -DS in Valparaiso, Indiana
KTSan Francisco, CA
I’ve been a member of Sean’s weight loss support group for almost 3 years. The support and accountability have helped me to lose 120 pounds. The group has been instrumental in maintaining my weight loss. Highly recommend!
SATulsa, OK
I had followed Sean’s blog and had heard about his group and finally decided that now was the time to start my final weight loss journey. Does he have a magical cure? No. But he has helped me realize how I now see weight loss and my own future. I enjoy that everyone in the group has their own plan and are at different places on their path. But, we all support each other and share our life’s struggles. We have bonded through mutual experience and inspire each other daily. I have lost a total of 111 lbs and have 150 more to go. I hope you will come join us and share your journey. You never know who you will inspire
M.F.Las Vegas, V
Have you struggled losing weight? Are you tired of losing and gaining the same weight over and over? I know I was. I have been a member of Sean’s weight loss support group for some time now and find that the support and accountability you receive from Sean and his group are invaluable to your journey to a healthy new you. As a man, I was stubborn and thought I could do this on my own. Well, I will tell you that this might just be the missing piece of that puzzle you’ve been working on for a long time. Sean truly cares about every single person in his groups and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. The calls, coupled with the private Facebook page are one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself. Especially you guys, just do it and see what a difference it makes. I know it did for me. Personally, it all started for me with Sean’s group, which was a stepping stone to more local groups and extended therapy. I learned more from others than I ever would have on my own. And I’m not too proud to say now that I couldn’t have done this by myself. And it all started with one of Sean’s support groups. I have currently lost over 200 lbs and I can assure you that without support and accountability, I would never have reached this point in my own journey. That I am sure of. Thanks, Sean for all your support during my own health journey
D.A.Washington, DC
I have been part of Sean’s group for over 3 years. Not only was the group instrumental for me to be able to lose my last 30 lbs, but it has been very important in helping me maintain an approximately 80 lb weight loss for almost 2 years. Not only do you get Sean’s inspirational leadership and experience and generosity of spirit, but you also get a group of wonderful, supportive teammates who will be there for you. We all follow our own plans, but the group is more about dealing with all the other things that get in the way of a healthy weight. In the end, what you eat is not as important as being able to deal with feelings and situations without turning to food. This group will help you with that. It was the missing piece for me. Recommend highly!!!!
Gerri Helms, Retired Life Coach
I highly recommend Sean’s groups if you struggle with consistency in your healthy body goals. As an old (and I do mean old!) partner with Sean, I’ve seen firsthand the transformation that comes from working with him and his team.
B.JKansas, KS
It is a great tool of many for a successful weight loss/lifestyle change. I encourage anyone thinking about it to join us