August 9th and 10th, 2019 Stretching

Thursday was a 4-star day and Friday was a 5-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goals, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

I was grateful for the time off earlier in the week, certainly–but my goodness, I don’t think I was ready to go back Thursday and Friday! Are we ever, really, after a good break? I’ve made the best of it and here we are, already on Saturday!

I’ve been loving my food plan lately. I do my best to make sure I always enjoy it, but lately, I’ve tried to stretch a little and try some new things. Last night’s dinner (Instagram below) was an example of that stretching.

I ran some errands for mom last night and had a good visit with her. She’s still having issues adjusting to the new medications she’s taking. The nursing staff is trying some things to help her through that, and I think that’s working somewhat.

My daily morning foundational routine was completed earlier, I’m properly caffeinated, I just finished a good breakfast, and I’m ready for a productive Saturday. I’m headed out to another broadcast from a grocery store’s massive meat sale and Hatch Pepper roasting event. We broadcast monthly from this grocery store, but this one is extra-special! I’ll be on two different stations simultaneously with 8 breaks an hour, 4 on each– so it’ll be an intense two-hour broadcast! But it’s always fun there–and the listener response rarely disappoints, which makes it even better.

Have a great Saturday!

Our next session of the support group I facilitate and mentor starts Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I keep it small and manageable, so I’m only interested in adding two or three new members at this time. If you’re interested, I have a space for you in this incredible group. Here are a couple of testimonials from current members:

“Finding Sean Anderson and his Transformation group is one of the best tools I use to support my own transformation journey! Sean’s attentive, nurturing leadership sets the tone of the group.  I find acceptance, care, and concern even at times when I struggle to accept myself.  This experience is much more than losing weight; it is about creating a life plan – one that is well-rounded, holistic that supports my physical changes.  Sean is definitely not a drill sergeant barking out orders, but a gentle, kind soul who listens, encourages, supports, and yet, suggests challenging questions to allow me to dig deeper and develop the life plan that specifically works for me. And, because Sean does his own personal discovery work, he understands the good, the bad, and the ugly of losing weight and maintaining health and wellness and openly shares it, not as the expert, but as another traveler on this journey.  The group is a small, intimate group of people on their own journeys and yet we come together virtually on a group page, and in weekly coaching calls to support and encourage one another and to have a place for celebration, idea sharing, and accountability. I am extremely grateful to have found a group which understands my challenges and accepts me where I am.”–Deb in Valparaiso, Indiana

“Being part of Sean’s weight loss group has given me focus, accountability, and support on my weight loss journey.

A little background about myself. I grew up an overweight child, teenager, and adult. I have literally been put on diets since I was in elementary school. I should be a nutritionist based on a background of diets. It took the tragic loss of my husband to make me realize that we are not promised to live another day. At 425+, I  was playing Russian Roulette while thinking and wishing that I could find the perfect diet and be the person I knew that I was.

People judge you from the outside and I grew up trying to cope with the staring eyes at restaurants and the looks of disappointment and judgment. I quickly learned to use humor and music to force people to look into me instead of at me. My goal was to ignore my weight and talk to people first and not to allow them to focus on my weight but to focus on me. I spend my adult years taking care of my dear ones but never taking the time to focus on myself.

I had followed Sean’s blog and had heard about his group and finally decided that now was the time to start my final weight loss journey. Does he have a magical cure? No. But he has helped me realize how I now see weight loss and my own future. I enjoy that everyone in the group has their own plan and are at different places on their path. But, we all support each other and share our life’s struggles. We have bonded through mutual experience and inspire each other daily. I have lost a total of 111 lbs and have 150 more to go. I hope you will join us and share your journey. You never know who you will inspire.”-Susan in Tulsa

Powerful testimonials! Thank you, Deb and Susan!!

Ready to join us for something different? Email me with questions, please:

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Thank you for reading and your continued support,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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