September 8th, 2019 Game Day

Yesterday was a 5-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, I enjoyed a wonderful elliptical workout at the RecPlex and did a lot of walking at the OSU football game, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support!

I completed my “pass goal” yesterday! It was an exceptionally active day with the elliptical workout and the exercise at the stadium. Although, thanks to great parking, the stadium exercise wasn’t as much as anticipated. It was a great game day! OSU handled McNeese State as expected. Big kudos to their team though–they traveled well and they played hard. The final score may not reflect it, but McNeese certainly highlighted some weaknesses in OSU’s game and some bigtime strengths in theirs.

I had some backup food in my bag, just in case, but opted instead for a post-game Chipotle trip. Chipotle is one of those places where I trust the ingredients. It works well for me, although–as you’ll see in the Instagram post below–my selections add up quickly! It was perfect for me last night.

Water was great–plenty of it because it was hot hot hot, and I just loved being in the stadium environment. I hadn’t been to a game in some time. I was excited to see the giant five million dollar video screen above the East endzone. It was impressive. I have so many childhood memories in that space. Of course, it looks nothing like it did when I was a kid–back in the day when we’d ride our bikes up to the stadium and simply walk-in for free at halftime…yeah…They don’t let people do that anymore!

My morning routine is complete. I have a list of things to accomplish today–so I’ll get to it!

Feeling great at the game! Wearing my borrowed shirt and my “dog bite” jeans. I mention the jeans–even though they’re not pictured, because it’s a non-scale victory type positive affirmation for me. The dog bite incident was four years ago–the jeans still fit just as comfortably as they did back then. I love that. I’m very grateful for this one day at a time practice of mine.

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