September 9th, 2019 Feels Good

Sunday and today were 4-star days: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support!

I felt incredibly tired Sunday. I honored that and rested a little extra before a big evening out with Mom and Noah.

We had a great time. Our excursion found us at Walmart where we ran into a famous person!! Silvan Zingg from Switzerland is a world-renowned boogie-woogie piano wizard! He had a concert here last Thursday. He was a guest on my radio show, in fact–so when we saw one another, the conversation was on! Somebody had mentioned to him about what I’ve done and what I do each day, so he was in disbelief and full of questions. “How much was your top weight?” 505 pounds. “No way, get out of here!” He shared some of his challenges and I shared some of mine–and we talked briefly about perspectives and practices that go beyond dieting. It was a delightful conversation!

During this conversation, Noah -being polite, quiet–yet insisting, was pulling us both toward the toy section where the Pokemon cards are kept–and Silvan treated Noah to a couple packs of cards! He also talked with Noah about music and asked him if he wanted to play the piano. Of course, Noah does! He loves music. I’m seeing lessons for Noah in the future! Noah sent Silvan a ten-second thank you video for the Pokemon cards. And Silvan replied with a fun freestyle jam on the piano, titled, appropriately, “The Pokemon Boogie!” What a cool thing to do. Great guy! Silvan flew out this morning and is returning to the states in early October for a big concert at the Stride Bank Center in Enid, about an hour away. I’m hoping to take Noah. Might inspire him! If you’re local to me–you can get tickets for his show here.

Mom, Noah, and I made our way to the restaurant where we dined and had a great time. It was a really good visit. Noah told us all about his 1st-grade adventures!

One drawback to the extra rest on Sunday is how it can affect Sunday night bedtime and rest into Monday morning. Yep. It did.

But you know, it was a really good day today. I made some great connections, did my work very well, and felt accomplished. That feels good.


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#lastfoodofday 5.1oz bartlett pear slices, 4oz fuji apple slices, and 59g red seedless grapes. #dailypractice #foodplan 193 cal.

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