September 11th, 2019 Being Okay

Yesterday was 5-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, my exercise was walking and activity at my location broadcast, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support!

Yesterday was one of those rare days where the challenges keep coming. We were short-staffed–so that automatically increases my responsibilities in the on-air/production department of our broadcast operation. It was constantly involved yesterday. So much so, I wasn’t preparing my first meal of the day until early afternoon. And I was out of eggs! Doh!! As my friend and mentor Gerri has often reminded me, “nobody has ever starved to death between meals.” So true. It was fine. It wasn’t ideal, but it was okay for the circumstances. Being “okay” along this road–on challenging days, requires a reframing of perspective and expectations. With a few non-negotiable elements in place, the rest of the plan can pivot and go with the flow.

It’s fair week too. That meant an afternoon location broadcast from the midway. I made it home in time to grab a short nap and re-energize for that broadcast–and by the time it finished, I was zapped. My original plan was to drop off mom’s laundry, have a short visit with her–then make it home to prepare a meal, catch up with some support friends, and go to bed early. I modified that plan by deciding to let Los Portalis (my fav Mexican place) handle the cooking. I’m super-familiar with maintaining my food plan boundaries there–and it just made the most sense for me last night. It was well worth it.

My morning foundational mental/emotional/spiritual routine is complete. My food plan is outlined, I’m packed and ready for a good day. I feel centered and ready. It’ll be much like yesterday–as I just received word that we’ll be short-staffed once again. Perhaps the work completed yesterday will lessen the challenge today. Very well might!

I hope you have a great Wednesday!!

From the archives:
Pausing to reflect is important. Indeed, it is. But only when the reflection is focused on the lessons learned in our struggles, the victories earned in our triumphs and the choices needed to move forward in a positive way.

Pausing to reflect can be devastating if we’re squarely focused on the negative consequences of our choices and actions. It’s like constantly analyzing where and why we swerved off the road. If you’re driving along and you skid off a slippery highway, finding yourself in a ditch, you might pause to thank God you survived. You probably would spend a minimal amount of time thinking about what happened leading up to and creating the loss of control. But then your main focus turns to what it must be in those moments: “How do we get out of this ditch?”

When flashes of what to do now are clouded by constantly analyzing what went wrong, feeling bad about what happened and obsessing about how it could have been different, we become stuck. Truly stuck. Paralyzed by our thoughts, we sit and stew inside as the windows become covered until we can’t see the road. Soon, disoriented, we lose our sense of direction. We know we can’t give up, because staying here will eventually kill us if we don’t act. Our basic instincts of survival demand we act and act now, if we hope to ever get out of here, we must act.

We act instead of reacting. That takes a large measure of awareness/mindfulness and a willingness to practice. Like everything along this road, it’s absolutely a practice.


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#latebreakfast Ezekiel toasts with 132g avocado. 223g cantaloupe and 76g black seedless grapes. #dailypractice #foodplan 504 cal.

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