August 17th, 2019 Party On

Yesterday was a 5-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, I had plenty of natural exercise at my event last night–mostly in the form of light “dancing” at the DJ table and the constant movement all night, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Yesterday’s schedule was planned, expected, and done. The hour and fifteen-minute nap mid-afternoon was key! Starting the day at 4:30am and ending at almost 2am could’ve presented many more challenges than it did. The structure of the practice…those intentional actions of planning, staying connected with support and making rest a priority, worked together as the “rails” I needed to help guide me through the day and night. I’m grateful.

It’s annual events like last night’s Party At The Palace that serve as a wonderful positive affirmation for me and where I am along this road after more than a decade. I lost count, but I believe last night was the 5th or 6th year in a row for me emceeing/DJing this epic fundraiser for the area chamber of commerce. To be able to move, to be that active–and present, to live with freedoms a healthy weight range provides; freedoms most take for granted, is something I don’t take lightly.

When you’ve experienced life at over 500 pounds, the appreciation for the dramatic differences always seem to be running in the background. Creating positive affirmations for this is important for me– but it isn’t about, “look at what I’m doing and what I’ve accomplished,” Uh, no– I could easily go back the other way, all the way if I decided to lose proper perspective. The most important point of those positive affirmations is found in the gratitude for this daily practice of things that help keep me well.

I had a backup food plan in my man bag just in case the selections weren’t in harmony with my food plan. Turns out, the food was pretty much the same as in years past and I was able to assemble a satisfying meal that stayed within my boundaries.

I was on my feet and moving the entire time. So, although there wasn’t a formal workout on the books, I certainly believe it’s fair of me to count the activity as a decent workout–and appropriate to count the day as “5-star.” I was dancing at the DJ table. Couldn’t help it! When the music moves you, ya know? I didn’t even realize I was moving so much until some colleagues and a couple friends started texting me about my killer moves. Okay, I added the “killer moves” part.

After a midnight run to Walmart for a few necessities, I arrived home at around 12:20am. Then, as if the day wasn’t long enough already, Mother Nature decided to create severe thunderstorms… for which I was immediately activated to the studio for on-air coverage. Thankfully, that coverage didn’t last too long before the storms started quieting down from severe status to a much lesser status. I was able to crawl into bed a little after 2am.

Why am I up so early? I was up at 6am in order to have enough time to do my morning foundational routine ahead of this morning’s location broadcast from the Farmer’s Market. There will be a Saturday afternoon nap at some point, I’m fairly certain. I have complimentary tickets for the big Foreigner concert tonight, but I may gift those to someone else, I haven’t decided just yet.

A pic collage and dinner from last night’s event:


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I’m all about self-love and acceptance, as long as it doesn’t become a convenient excuse/rationalization for inaction. I “loved” myself for years, and I embraced morbid obesity and the behaviors that kept me in a place of acceptance—a place determined to eventually kill me.  One of the greatest expressions of self-love is exploring and accepting the power we hold, to choose change—once and for all, like never before.

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